Business For Sale: Northern New South Wales, Australia. Working for yourself.

Stop working for someone else! Buy your own business!

The coming year will offer promise for Australian businesses with many recovering from the unexpected storm of the global financial crisis. There's not doubt, here in Australia we've avoided the worst of it on comparison to the effect we have seen to date in other countries. Consumers are saving more, but there is the lingering fact that employment growth puts more money in the Australian workers pocket, which equates to more spending in our Australian economy.

For most Australian small business, we've all been faced with highly competitive pricing from shoppers in our stores and those searching on-line for the bargain deal. While the growth in the Australian economy will continue to create opportunities and for smarter businesses like ours, we continue to offer genuine service to our customers with attention to detail, reliability, friendly team service and a service guarantee which is what makes our business for sale so unique and keep our customers happy and returning.




Woodenbog Driveway

NRMA Tow Truck owned by Woodenbong Driveway

NRMA Van owned by Woodenbong Driveway

Garage Sevice Bays & Hoist Woodenbong Driveway

Stock inside newsagency

Second / Rear Shed Hoists & Workshop

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